Solstice Madonnas Collage Series  


Solstice Madonnas

Solstice Madonna #1 

"The light is returning, the goddess is in all things!

Celebrate the Sweet Earth!" 

Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart


Solstice Madonnas

Each Set includes the 7 Sacred Images Shown on this Webpage
(Each Card includes a "Prayer to the Goddess, Divine Mother" written by Shelley Sage Heart)

Solstice Madonna #2

"Prayer to the Goddess
~ Madonna over lighting Union and Birth......assisted by cosmic pink Dolphins!

Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart

Solstice Madonna #3

"Madonna in the center, grace moves from wisdom." 

Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart

Solstice Madonna #4

"Madonna Midwifing the New Earth Rising!"

Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart

Solstice Madonna#3

"Return of the light! ~ I remember when ~ we walked that sacred road!" 

Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart

Solstice Madonna #6         

Solstice Blessings! ~ Divine Goddesses residing over the Return!"

Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart

Solstice Magdelena #7 Magdalena in the Garden ~ New Version 2014
"Wisdom of the Roses, Sacred is all Life!"
Collage by Artist Shelley Sage Heart

Solstice Madonna Greeting Card Sets Can Be Purchased 
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Solstice Madonnas

Artists Statement:
As a Visionary, Artist, and passionate voice for Mother Earth, my work is focused on nurturing the culture and consciousness of our collective emerging Sacred New Earth Vision!

This is a sacred time on the planet, where our collective consciousness is returning to a perspective of Feminine or Earth/Gaia based principles.

The Divine mother, in all her forms is residing over, our Sacred New Earth Vision as we rebirth into an evolved Earth culture of, visionary artistry, sacred love, conscious conception, natural childbirth and new ways of raising our children and living together in
sacred stewardship with the planet.

She watches over us and holds the light of our highest potential for us, even in our darkest hours. She is in all things and emanates from this awakened awareness of ultimate union with all that is.
She is both Mother of the Returning and the Returning it's self."

It is with deep love that I share these images with all of you.

My inspiration to create this series was gifted to me from the Divine Mother, as a means for me to support myself, by having a physical gift to offer others as a means for trade for financial resources.

If you appreciate the presence and work I am doing on the planet to bring forth our emerging Sacred Earth Vision, a great way to support me would be to purchase a card set from me!

Love and Blessings! 

Shelley Sage Heart

Prayer to the Divine Mother

Goddess, Mother, Magdalena
Grace our Lives

that we may receive the abundant
Blessings of your infinite
Feminine Wisdom

Guide and Protect
the Hearts of all Beings

That we may be strong and loving
in every thought and deed.

Inspire our Hearts!

Oh Sacred Mother, may the
light of your beauty radiate
in the Hearts, and Souls of each of us!

Written by Shelley Sage Heart 2008
in Munich Germany