About the Artist

“With in and around the earth, within and around the hills, within and around the mountains, your autority returns to you.” ~ Alfonso Ortiz

I'm here to bring people together, to do our healing work and reawaken our innate remembrance, of our true nature, and our sacred relationship with the Earth Mother. To create beauty and reflect our true nature back to all those who I meet, and most of all to LOVE, and Breathe, and Dance and BE!

Raised on a spiritual commune in California, my life journey began with a lifestyle that was close to the earth, in a social environment that was very different from the average American life. My entire life journey has been the expression of this unique path. To this day I continue to seek harmonious ways to support a beautiful life here on the planet for all beings and our future generations to come!

I am acutely aware that we live in an important time on earth where old paradigms of belief are shedding, and it is up to all of us to cultivate and blossom a new understanding of ourselves, and how we want to live on earth. Stewardship of our environment, and introspective evolution of our beings is paramount to transformation of the planet.

I believe we are living in a very sacred time on the planet, where our collective consciousness is returning to a perspective of of Feminine or Earth/Gaia based principles.

The Divine mother, in all her forms is residing over, our New Sacred Earth Vision as we rebirth into evolved practices of sacred love, conception, childbirth and how we raise our children and live together in sacred stewardship with planet.

My joy is to help others awaken within this emerging sacred earth vision and know their innate connection to the Earth Mother.